Boxing day at windsurfing station. New boards and sails RRD 2019

We were good boys and girls all year long: windsurfing a lot, trying new tricks, working hard, parting even harder and eating tasty Vietnam's food. So Santa Claus didn't forget about us and brought a lot of so desired windsurfing presents.

We get the best presents forever: new boards and sails 2019! Santa Claus was taking care of everyone: Very fast and light X-FIRE LTD V11 (90l – 118l) for slalom FREESTYLE WAVE LTD V5 (78l – 114l) for experienced windsurfers, which perfectly suits for these conditions Nice, stable and simple EASY RIDE SOFTSKIN V4 for beginners And different kind of nice and bright sails: STYLE PRO, Wave Vogue PRO, Vogue HD MK10. From juice orange till deep blue colours. Stay pretty and shine with RRD! Welcome to Vietnam to try our new RRD collection and start 2019 from bright experience and colourful emotions!

Happy New Year, friends! Welcome to Vietnam! We are waiting for you here!